Vital Statistics

Started in: 1991 (Founded by: Terry 'Testicles' Tslikleas)
Total runs:
Went on-line: 1998
Average pack:
Average pack
Total runners:
Total km ran ˜
Total runs by all
Different hares
Paleozoics: Ratwalker
Hash Mascot Uncle Tho (RIP 24-12-2014) 
Beer: Saigon at the moment
Run fee:
150,000 VND. First-timers on our Hash, add 50,000 VND but present included. Children less than 5 years: free First kid (12 and below) 50,000 VND. The rest 150,000 each, per family or group Hashers who come with their own vehicles and their passengers: 100,000 VND
Available girls: Plenty
Handsome guys: Even more
Hash Marriages Numerous
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